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About Brighton Guitar Tutor

Stephen Le Hardy

Ever since I heard the opening notes to Mason Williams amazing “Classical Gas” I have devoted my time to playing the guitar and I am very pleased to be able to share this enthusiasm through my guitar lessons. Inspired by a wonderful classical guitar teacher at school, I know how important it is to have a good teacher and I am constantly improving my skills to give you the best learning experience possible. My thirst for new knowledge and a drive to become a better guitarist has given me a firm grounding in technique and music theory and I am very proud in my ability to explain complex ideas such as scales and modes in a clear and simple way.

About Brighton Guitar Tutor Stephen Le Hardy

Having worked with many successful semi- professional bands including Brighton’s well respected covers band “The Cadillacs“, I have built an enormous repertoire of songs that are available for you to learn in any style you can imagine. I have been very fortunate to play with some very skilled musicians, from Gypsy Jazz outfits to a Bluegrass duo and my eclectic tastes and versatility allows me to take the lessons into new directions and styles.

If songwriting is your thing, I have several original compositions to my credit and I can give you new ideas on improvising and arranging your work. I have also recorded in some top recording studios including London’s famous “Battery” studios and “Rock City” in Shepperton and I can give you advice and tips on multitrack recording on your computer. If you are interested in playing live or joining a band I have a firm understanding of band dynamics and I was very pleased to help a local band “Vinyl Riff” go from complete novices to a performance level in just a few months with over 30 songs to their name.


My teaching skills progressed further at the turn of the millennium when I was invited to join the groundbreaking “Nicks Music Studios” where students showcased their talents at regular gigs at “The Old Market” in Hove. I feel very privileged to have played a part in giving students the confidence to play in front of a live audience and it was very rewarding to see their work acknowledged.¬†I still get enormous pleasure from playing “Classical Gas” and I never cease to be amazed and enthralled at the possibilities of the guitar.