Brighton Guitar Tutor



I am currently teaching beginners to intermediate guitar and ukulele.

Although I am teaching acoustic guitar I can easily adapt the lesson to suit your requirements if you use an electric. I have a spare acoustic should you require it.

Topics Include

  • Knowledge of the fretboard – the “CAGED” system
  • Chords and Rhythm
  • Plectrum and fingerstyle
  • Music theory adapted to your needs
  • Learning songs and song construction
  • Lead playing and improvisation
  • Grades


  • Guitar Lessons £25 for 1 hour
  • Guitar Lessons £20 for 45mins
  • Ukulele & Mandolin Lessons £20 for 45mins
  • Home Visits in Brighton Area £3 extra

Special Offer

6 Lessons for the Price of 5 when prepaid

The first lesson

I know how daunting the first Lesson can be so I will always put you at ease by having a friendly chat about what inspired you to take up the guitar. Whether you want to learn a new song or a flashy solo I will ensure that we will always move ahead at your pace with a healthy balance of theory and the practical and I will work through any difficulties with understanding and patience. Above all I will make sure you can actually play something quickly!

Through my experience I am aware that some people learn more visually and others by Listening or playing so I will use my considerable collection of high quality diagrams, tabs, books, backing tracks, audio files, etc in a way that suits your learning style. I will always be happy to tab anything out for you.

I will continuously monitor your progress and help you stay organised and focused by incorporating all the latest useful “Apps” as well as designing a tailor made structured practice regime.

If you are a beginner you may need help with advice about which guitar to buy or how to set up your guitar and I can help with this.

I am very flexible in arranging the lessons to fit your family and social commitments and we can negotiate an arrangement that best suits you. Often younger people find 45 mins easier to begin with.

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“Steve has a friendly and relaxed style and he made the lessons hugely enjoyable…my playing progressed in leaps and bounds” Roger, Brighton