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Yes it’s official. The Ukulele is cool!

Endorsed by such luminaries as Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder and a recent performance by Coldplay, the Ukulele has shaken off it’s “novelty” status and become popular to a whole new generation of musicians and performers. With a repertoire stretching from Hawaiian traditional songs through swing jazz and 60’s standards to modern classics, the instrument has been taken up by singer songwriters and modern bands such as Train and Noah and the Whale. You can even learn AC/DC for Ukulele!

As well as being easily playable and offering the ability to play a few songs in a short time, in the hands of a great musician like Jake Shimabukuro, the Ukulele’s versatility ranges from intimate charm to dazzling showmanship. What is without doubt is that the Ukulele crowd are a fun bunch and it will always make you smile!

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7 Great reasons for taking up Ukulele lessons;

  1. Ukulele’s are relatively inexpensive
  2. You can play your first chord with one finger!
  3. A great way to learn music especially for kids
  4. There is an enormous repertoire now available
  5. The Ukulele is a great accompaniment to vocals
  6. Ukulele jam nights and open mics are increasingly popular
  7. They are perfect to take to the beach!

3 Amazing facts about the Ukulele

– May Singhi Breen along with her “Uke can play the melody” persuaded the Musicians Union of the instrument’s legitimacy and was the driving force behind Ukulele scores on popular music.
– Roy Smeck used a two handed tapping technique long before a certain 80’s guitar hero
– George Harrison was a great fan of the Ukulele buying them in batches and giving them away to friends!

Ukulele Lessons

I offer beginners Ukulele Lessons at £15 for 45 mins including chords, strumming patterns, basic music theory and even fingerstyle!.

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“Steve has a friendly and relaxed style and he made the lessons hugely enjoyable…my playing progressed in leaps and bounds” Roger, Brighton